Welcome Edren Home Care

There is no place like home and as such, home is where we all want to be. Being comfortable, safe and secured in one’s abode are home care essentials tantamount to quality care that we at Edren Home Care can best provide.

Edren Home Care is a licensed home service agency in the state of Illinois committed to enhance, if not maintain the quality of life of our clients and offer a feasible option as opposed to moving your loved ones to nursing homes, assisted living facilities or long term care facilities.
We have a team of adequately trained staff available to provide non-medical services such as homemaker, personal care, companion, sitter and respite care in one’s home while benefiting with the home care essentials you and your loved ones deserve. These services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year following a specially designed care plan tailored for every client’s needs.

To know more about Edren Home Care, please call us today at (847) 983-7385. Our welcoming staff will be more than happy to assist you.

At Edren Home Care, we make home care personal and together we can help you adapt to a life changing situation.

About Us

We come in, to empower client independence, make life easy and the foster family’s peace of mind.

In-home care can mean different things to different people. Whatever the circumstances may be, our adaptable approach to home care assistance means that you and your loved ones get the right services for your situation.

You can have someone live in your home to provide 24-hour services, or you can choose hourly services. We also have staff members who can provide respite for caregivers. After taking care of a loved one all day, you deserve some restful time to yourself. We can make that possible for you.